Wednesday, April 9, 2014

About this Blog

This blog is a personal blog with some general information that may be of help to the readers and soon subscribers of this blog.  It all started when the author, not a natural-born cook, became interested to learn how to make sweets or desserts.  Not presently employed, the author who is not new to blogging thought of sharing her sporadic experiences by writing them and spreading them through the use of the internet.  With the hope of having a blog that will last longer than she lives, if that would be possible, this blog, Wife, Home and Work, commences its existence.

In its entirety, the blog covers a wide range of information not only from what the title says but also to other matters germane to it.  The author aims to make this blog as useful as it can be to most, if not all, readers and subscribers.  Creating a self-serving blog is absolutely not the purpose and vision of the author, rather a blog that provides assistance to all who needs it.  Experience is said to be one of the methods of acquiring knowledge and sharing an experience is one way other individuals will glean knowledge of something. This is where this blog comes in.

Articles written in this blog may or may not be applicable to all readers.  It is not the intention of the author to demand from her readers to strictly follow what are written in this blog.  Freedom of the will is the cardinal rule of this blog.  In the end, the decision is yours to make.

Life is a blessing; it is a gift from God.  We must enjoy it while we still can.  Enjoy browsing and reading.

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