Sunday, June 15, 2014

Because of the Chocolate Moist with Mango Parfait

It was a hot Sunday morning and a quiet one when suddenly a recollection bursted into my mind commanding me to attend an educational advocacy turnover.  I panicked.  It was already eight in the morning and the event will start at ten o'clock on the same day.  Yeah, I know what it is in your mind right now and that is, there is still a lot of time.  However, for me, its the other way around.  Two hours preparation for the event are not enough.  I would rather not include the details as to why for they could be unreasonable or unrealistic to some.  The essential thing is, I made it to the event but upon arriving, I was totally shocked and nervous when I was told that I am assigned as an emcee.

It is an honor to be assigned as such, nevertheless I am in no position to perform the task at hand.  Therefore, to be useful, I suggested to take pictures instead.  Incidentally, I brought a camera with me and gladly, the organizer who is my friend agreed to my suggestion.  Hence, the program begun.

The event was an educational advocacy program where our high school batch sponsored a scholar for the school year 2014-2015.  Some batch mates donated some amount to shoulder the finances of this scholar to enable her to continue her studies for this school year.  Through the donation, the scholar was enrolled and she received her school supplies as well as her uniform and school shoes, thus, the turnover.  The event was attended by some batch mates, guidance counselors of the school where the scholar was enrolled, the scholar and her parents.

It was a joyful and successful event but a tiring one.  I can hardly grasp a breath until it was all over.  I realized I needed to take a sit and take a deep breathing exercises.  Then came my friend serving something for the working committee.  Who could resist it? No one.  Even I was relaxed upon slowly savoring the food she served for us.  A day's work could never be hard because of the chocolate  moist with  mango parfait.  Funny, huh.  All the panic, shock, nervousness and tiredness was gone after a taste of the chocolate moist with mango parfait.  What a relief.  I even had not just one but more of it.

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