Friday, July 27, 2012

Banana and Mango Fruit Salad Recipe for Dessert

Last week, I thought of making a Mango Float for the first time in my life but failed to do so.  Nevertheless, that does not mean that I am not planning to make one in the near future for the idea keeps appearing in my mind especially when I have nothing else to do.  In fact, I have already searched online the ingredients and instructions on how to make a Mango Float.

On the contrary, for some reasons, I am still unable to make a Mango Float until now, a reason why I decided to create this post on my Banana and Mango Fruit Salad recipe instead of the long overdue Mango Float.  Here it goes.

By nature, I am not good in cooking which is why I only know how to make this simple Banana and Mango Fruit Salad.  This fruit salad is easy to make.  Below are the ingredients:

Condensed Milk

I intentionally did not mention the quantity of the ingredients for you can gauge it yourself.  Now, the procedure?  Here it is.

1. Cut or chop the bananas and mangoes according to your desired size.
2. Pour on the condensed milk to the cut or chopped bananas and mangoes.
3. The quantity of the condensed milk depends upon the quantity of the fruits and your desired sweetness.
4. Mix all the ingredients and refrigerate before serving.

There it is your Banana and Mango Fruit Salad.  

I am attaching a photo of the salad I made which my husband loved, that is, according to him and whether or not it is true it does not matter to me, lol.
What do you think of my Banana and Mango Fruit Salad?

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