Thursday, August 2, 2012

My First Mango Float

At last, I did it after several days of countless thinking and due to the mangoes that my husband bought for us, hahaha, I can not help but laugh.  I am so conscious with my first finished product that I kept asking my sister how it tastes and whether or not the sweetness is enough.  Unfortunately, until today my sister has not yet tasted the first Mango Float I made, hahaha; nevertheless, I already made another one for me and of course for my husband even though he is not into sweets that much and that is all because of the mangoes my husband bought, hahaha.  Is it so obvious that I am so happy?

I am in doubt if there is a need to include in this post the ingredients and procedure in making a Mango Float for the reason that I for one just searched it online.  Here is the photo of my first Mango Float:
What do you think?  Does it look delicious?
I am thinking of researching for other ingredients that may be mixed with the Mango Float to make it even more delicious but unique.  I want to lessen the sweetness so that my husband will love it more.  Okay guys, insofar as the ingredients are concerned, you can check it online or check the photo below; they are all that you need.
In the second time that I made a Mango Float, I placed the mixed condensed milk and creamer in the refrigerator for thirty (30) minutes or more then stir it using an electric mixer before applying it with the remaining ingredients.  In this way, the mixture becomes soft like an icing for a cake with an effect of increasing the volume of the mixture which indeed it does.  I actually made two pieces (with the size in the picture as shown above) instead of one when I made my first Mango Float.

That's it guys.  I am loving it so much.  Once I'll master the Mango Float, I'll search for other non-bake desserts to be posted in this blog.  I started with a simple Banana and Mango Fruit Salad Recipe now I know how to make a Mango Float.  As a wife, I am proud of myself.

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