Friday, September 12, 2014

Ateneo de Manila vs. National University Women's Volleyball at Cagayan de Oro City

I love to watch volleyball games on television not only today but also on my younger years.  I used to watch foreign volleyball games on cable television until local college volleyball games were shown live on TV even for non-cable subscribers.  Since then, I only watch local college volleyball games and only those games played by women for they are less quicker compared to men.

These college volleyball games are played live starting October of every year in a venue far away from our hometown where it takes three days if we travel by sea and one hour and thirty to forty-five minutes if by air but costly.  Ergo, I settled to watch these ladies play on television live or on replays depending on my availability, but mostly, I watched them play live to feel the excitement as if I were on the actual venue of the games.

Few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to meet and chat at dinner for we have not done the same for quite some time.  During the dinner, after continuous talking about almost everything under the sun, one friend mentioned that a live volleyball game will happen a few days from the day we met.  She said that it will happen live at a place one hour and thirty minutes from our city, so I was very excited and kept asking her about the details.

I learned that the Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles and the National University Bulldogs will be playing live.  It so happened that these are two of the college teams that I have been watching on TV.  In the last season, the Lady Eagles were the number one team while the Bulldogs were the number three team.  Who could resist watching this friendly game, hence, I did not miss the chance to watch the Ateneo Lady Eagles versus National University Bulldogs play live.

Here are the pictures I took which I have taken prior to the start of the game because I was there to watch the game and not to take photos, lol.  My friend told me to take some photos while the game is going on but I refused to do so for I could not dare to miss a single action while the game proceeds.  Doing so, I made the right decision and left the court satisfied.

Dunkin Donuts Mascots-Dancing for the Audience

A photo immediately after the end of the last game prior to this main event.

Introduction of the Players

The game begins.

Time is up.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Halo-halo Craving

Sometime in a month, there were moments when my taste buds were uncanny to an extent that I am unable to stand the usual foods that I take.  Without doubt, some of you may have experienced the same.  What I do when this happens is force my husband to procure for me a sundae not just one but two sundaes.  Nonetheless, this time, I did a totally opposite overt act that I commonly do when my taste buds are changeable.

I dressed up, proceeded to the mall and ordered a Halo-halo, all on my own, but of course, with my husband's knowledge.  Personally, I only prefer to eat Halo-halo made by two food outlets located in our home town, namely, Chowking and Merry Muffet.  Wait, I assure you that this is not a paid review.  I am just a lady simply yearning for something.

In this post, I'll feature the Chowking Halo-halo for it was the only food that I can think.  Upon entering Chowking, I immediately ordered a regular size Halo-halo.  It seemed like forces of nature were on my side since I encountered no problem during that yearning like being in a long queue.

This Halo-halo is always topped with Ube ice cream as well as a slice of leche flan which happens to be one of my favorite desserts.  It is very mouthwatering especially since, as I have said, I am yearning for it.

Nonetheless, I remember that even if I am not craving for it we customarily visit Chowking and order Halo-halo when dropping by at our parent's place located in another city.  I guess eating Chowking Halo-halo runs from the family, lol.

How about you, what do you usually crave for?

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