Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Change Slider Info in Blogger Slider Templates

It never occurred to me how uncomplicated it would be to make use of a blogger slider template.  Prior to using a slider template, I often ignore the idea of downloading similar templates for I immediately thought that its use would be difficult and time-consuming.  If you are thinking the same way as I understood it before, disregard that thought and proceed downloading a Blogger slider template that you desire and this post will guide you how to change the slider info in accordance with the blog posts you wished to feature.

In this post, it is presumed that you are using a Blogger template with slider and that there is an actual published posts with picture in your blog.  Also, you must be logged in to your Blogger account to make the related changes.

To change the slider info in your Blogger slider template, kindly follow the steps below:

1.  Click on Template.

2. Then click "Edit HTML" as shown below.  This is where you will change your slider info.  

What will appear after clicking "Edit HTML" may be shown below:

3.  From the photo immediately above, find the corresponding slider info that you should edit.  What you should find depends on the info or details that is shown in your Blogger slider template.  To find the corresponding text that you should edit, place your cursor at any portion of the "HTML," and use the command "Control F" to search for the word or words that you should edit.

Inside that red circle, type the word or words that you see at the slider of your template to find it and to change it according to your blog post title, photo and URL.

4.  There is no question in changing or editing the blog title and URL.  All you have to do is type your blog post title and copy and paste the URL of said blog post.

5.  As to the photo, do not be dismayed for it is also effortless.  Just right click on your photo and copy and paste the URL thereof.  Here is an example of the URL as shown in  my post entitled "Avocado Two-Ingredient  Ice Cream."

See how easy it is to change the info in your Blogger slider template.  I hope this post is useful.

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