Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Avocado Two-Ingredient Ice Cream

I cannot sleep.  It is our town fiesta and there is an activity going on near our house.  It's almost one o'clock in the morning.  Forcing myself to sleep makes it even worst for I am starting to have a headache.  Therefore, here I am facing my laptop while drinking a milk.
To make me calm and since I cannot eat it at an early hour like this, I would rather blog about my avocado two-ingredient ice cream.  It was supposed to be the usual avocado dessert we always had but I thought of simply letting it cool for several hours to make it an ice cream.  The thought of it made me excited and I immediately took photos as I prepare for it for purposes of blogging about it.

The ingredients include only an avocado and condensed milk.  As to the quantity of the ingredients, you can vary it according to your taste.  Mix the two ingredients and put it in your ice cream maker and follow the directions in using the latter or you can place it in a blender or manually mix the ingredients.  After that, refrigerate it for several hours.  It is as uncomplicated as that.  No sweat.
This avocado two-ingredient ice cream may not be as soft as those commercially sold, all the same, it is pure and delicious.  Since it is avocado season here, I think we will be having more of this but with added ingredients.

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