Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Visiting Mama Mary Shrine in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu City

Our trip to Cebu City was unplanned.  My husband had a two-day seminar somewhere in said city last Thursday and Friday, May 22 and 23 respectively. Since he has no work on Saturday and Sunday, I suggested that me and my mother-in-law will come over during the weekend and he agreed.  We stayed at my sister-in-law's residence at Lapu-Lapu City.

Considering the limited time we had, going to Bohol would be unlikely.  For this reason, my sister-in-law recommended that we visit Mama Mary Shrine in Simala, Sibonga aside from stopping by to spend a short time with their relatives at Minglanilla.  Hence, our visit to Mama Mary Shrine.

The Mama Mary Shrine is located at Simala, Sibonga, Cebu City.  It is a castle-like church preserved by Marian monks.

During our visit, some portions of the church is still under construction.  The outside view of the church is not yet fully painted although as you can see from some of the pictures it seemed like the opposite. 

Walking toward the church was uneasy due to the heat of the sun and the stairs you have to pass through aside from the number of people lining up to attend the mass or simply visit the Mama Mary statue.  When visiting the shrine, it is a must to bring an umbrella or something else to cover yourself against the heat of the sun.

However, upon entering the church, the feeling of anxiousness was transformed. I was relaxed and comfortable even though there is no air conditioner inside the church.

When we were inside, no mass was going on.  What we did was lineup with other people to get a chance to kiss the Mama Mary statue or Birhen ng Simala as they call it.  There are three lines you can choose from.  First is the line where you can kiss the statue, second is the line where two persons can pray together and the third line is allotted for a single person praying to Mama Mary of Simala.
This is where we lined up.

Where people can kiss the statue.  This is where our line is going.
This are the two lines I mentioned.

The experience was unexplainable.  The heat, sweat, thirst and weakness of the body were all worth it.

Here are other photos that were taken during our visit to the shrine.

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