Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Creditworthy by Paying Debts On Time

I have been unemployed for almost a decade due to several unexplainable and unexpected circumstances.  Some of these circumstances were made from intentional decision-making while others were not.  I may be unemployed for those number of years, yet I find ways to earn some money no matter how small it may seem to others.

My first money making online is blogging but I will not be talking about blogging in this post, may be sooner or later.  It has been more than a year since I am indulged into online selling via Facebook, a social network which is very helpful and useful into this kind of business.  The best thing about online selling is the seller's security where the seller is paid first prior to delivery of the item to the buyer.  Here, no credit transaction is possible where no personal relationship exists between the seller and the buyer.

However, it is unavoidable for the business to be publicly known especially to friends and friends of friends as it is published at Facebook.  Of course, since I am hoping for more income and there is trust involved, I agreed to enter into a credit transaction.  There has been no problem at first but as time passes by it flared-out one by one and it became hard to collect.

I blame no one for what happened, on the contrary, I urged debtors to be responsible in entering into this kind of transaction.  Debtors should think twice and hard before entering into credit transactions.  Their ability to pay on time reflects their personality not only as debtors but also as an individual as a whole.  If these debtors continually refuse to pay on time, no creditor may transact with them in the future when they needed it the most.  In addition, the trust that once was clear like water may become begrimed as a mud.  To be creditworthy, debtors should practice to extinguish their obligation by paying on time.

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