Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pinoy Cooking Recipes-Crediting a Source

I have not been blogging for so many years for I decided to concentrate on achieving a long-term goal which unfortunately I failed to reach.  To date, since I have the luxury of time, I plan to pursue my blogging hobby.  I may not be updating this blog everyday, nevertheless a number of articles will soon continuously burst out from this blog.  This is a pledge that I hope to maintain as long as I can and as long as needed.

To make good this blog, I assimilated through years of experience, way back when I was still blogging, that it is a rule to give credit to other websites a blogger used as a source or reference in an article he made.  An article in every blog is an intellectual property of the author, a legal concept, the application of which varies in every country.  To be a professional, reliable and trusted blogger, one must give respect to fellow bloggers by accrediting their work.  This is a concept that must not be ignored let alone be forgotten by any blogger.

In this post, I would like to recognize the website entitled Pinoy Cooking Recipes.  Since I decided, not too long ago, to know how to cook, I came across this website upon searching for "Nilagang Baboy" or "Pork Nilaga" or Boiled Pork.  There were different websites mentioning about Pork Nilaga, however this website provides for an easy procedure on how to cook Nilagang Baboy which is conducive for wives like me or any other individual who are completely novice in cooking.  Desiring to read more simple cooking procedures or meal recipes, I immediately bookmarked this site as a future guide for the same.  You can do so if you like.

Soon, an avalanche of cooked meal will be posted in this blog.  Some recipes may be based from the above-mentioned website depending on what appeals to me as I indulge in my role of becoming a cook for my husband.  Whenever recipes are taken and applied from the said blog, commendation will be recognized.

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