Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Searching for Job Vacancies

Internet seems to make everything less demanding.  From learning the alphabet to hurdling a problem of any sort, some if not all, solutions or answers may be found in the internet.  If there are questions or ambiguities regarding a particular matter, most people discover themselves immediately facing their device for the purpose of searching the internet to look for proper replies or corrections.  This is a fact in today's lifestyle.  From which do you belong, among the many or the few?

Not uncommon keyword that is usually searched online is "job vacancy."  Nearly all job seekers make use of the internet to look for possible employers may it be for online jobs or not.  Some were successful while others were not.

Here is my experience.  Since we have an internet connection in the house, I maximized its use.  I looked through the internet for job vacancies especially in some government agencies in the Philippines.  There were announcements in all their official websites for it is mandatory for these agencies to publish any job opening that they may have.  I found more than three vacancies where I am qualified to apply.  In some of those vacancies, I sent through email an application letter with resume, while in a few, I personally submitted my application letter and resume with corresponding photocopies of pertinent papers.  Anent the former, after several days since emailing, I received no reply or even a confirmation or recognition that they received my letter of intent to apply to the vacancy despite the authorization to submit a resume through sending an email. This is true to private companies where I also submitted an application letter by email.  Ergo, if applying for work via email, expect no response from these agencies or private companies informing you that they received the email you forwarded.

Further, once a vacancy is posted, it is incorrect to immediately apply for that specific position, rather it is recommended to make some verifications by giving said agency a ring and inquire if the vacancy is still open.  Why?  Based on experience, when called to inquire about the vacant position, a representative of this one government agency replied that the vacancy was for another position not the one posted in their official website.

This is my understanding.  When searching online for job vacancies, it is not enough to rely on what are published in a specific official website.  If a contact number is given, it is suggested to make use of it before submitting the requirements.  Online submission of application letter and resume is ill-advised.  The best thing to do is to apply personally.

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