Sunday, May 11, 2014

Google+ Followers Gadget on Blogger: Way to Increase Blog Traffic

Prior to joining a group in Google+, I was hesitant to incorporate my Blogger account to Google+.  Even though this blog is old as evidenced by the date when the first article was posted which was on July 11, 2012, still, it may be considered in the process of commencing since there are only a few articles published.  It is my desire that this blog will continue on not only for ten years but for several years more so that I need to find ways to make this blog interesting.

For now, as much as it kills me to make this admission, this blog is boring.  This is one of the reasons why I kept bookmarking websites that may be of help for the improvement of this blog.

Unintentionally, I decided to open a Google+ account.  Expecting nothing from it, I joined a group called Bloggers of Google Plus.  Surprisingly, I was accepted and its members started to add me to their circles or follow me.  So far, this is the only group that I joined.  I have yet no intention of joining any other group for it takes time to be up to date on what is happening around my circle. 

Today, I finished checking my inbox for Google+ updates.  Upon opening some blogs and bookmarking them, I noticed that some blogs of the group where I belong has this Google+ Followers gadget.  I became excited and thought of placing the same on my blog to add something new to it.  Somehow, this group has provided me new perceptions in blogging to the effect that I need not fear incorporating my Blogger account to Google+ account.

If you have a blog in Blogger, it is easy to add Google+ Followers gadget.  Below are the steps:

1. Sign in to your Blogger account. – Of course, it cannot be done without signing in, lol.

2. If you have multiple blogs, click on the blog you wish to change, edit or add something.

3. Look for the “Layout” category on the left side and click on it. – Here, you can see how your blog was arranged.  You can move, add or edit gadgets here depending on what you want your blog to look like.

3. Click “Add a Gadget.” – This is where you will see “Google+ Followers,” among other things.

4. To add “Google+ Followers” gadget on your blog, just click on the plus sign.

I am not good in making instructions, so, if you have any questions or clarifications, you can email me.  And here is a picture of what I did to my blog.

Having a Google+ account changes the way you do blogging.  Through Google+, I became a member of the group called Bloggers of Google Plus which has many members who are experts in blogging.  Through reading their websites, you get to learn more about blogging and there is the feeling of eagerness to make good your personal blog; not only that, it also adds traffic to your blog or website which every blogger or writer or author aims to achieve.  A blog or a website is nothing without blog traffic.

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