Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day: Our Mother's Day Vacation

First and foremost, I want to greet all mothers out there a happy, happy mother's day.  This day happens only once in a year.  This is the time for daughters and sons to recognize the effort, support, understanding and love that they receive from their mother since conception till birth.  Even though expressing our gratitude to our mothers should not be confined only in today's celebration, still, it will give them great joy if daughters and sons will spend time making this day special for them.

Insofar as our celebration for Mother's day is concerned, we had a family vacation.  It was a short vacation that we did not have a sleep over as most vacations should have.  Most of the family members will be working the next day so we only have a few hours to meet and chat. 

We went to Midway Resort, a beach resort located in between the city where we, my husband, brothers and sisters live and the city where my parents are residing.  Ergo, we had to travel from an opposite direction and meet at the resort.  Be that as it may, it was worth it for we get to see and talk with one another.  It seemed that the time was so short.  However, everyone was happy especially our mother which is the most important thing in this day.

Happy mother's day, Mommy!  We thank you and love you always!

I cannot post the pictures yet.  My sister gave me the wrong cord, grrr.

(Photo Update)

My husband was my savior.  He was able to find another cord that fits the camera.  Thanks to him.

Here are some photos of the Midway Beach Resort.

Because of the heat, I did not have the chance to go down near the beach.  Besides, we are busy talking and sharing some stuffs with one another.  Though it only happens in a few hours, it was a great vacation.

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