Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LBC Delivery Confirmation Text

A reminder: I am not paid for this.  As what this blog is all about, this is based on experience.

Last week, as I continue to search for a job, I decided to apply for work by mailing my resume via a particular private courier.  There are several trusted couriers in the Philippines and I have experienced using the services of most of them.  So far, I have not encountered any problem pertaining to the shipment or delivery of goods.  That is a relief.

In spite of that, this particular courier continue to amaze me.  I did not expect it has such service to the public.  I think the development of technology has something to do with it.  Usually, when mailing through a private courier it takes a day for the addressee to receive the letter or package delivered.  There is no question to that.  After sending my resume, I expect nothing from the courier.  It is my presumption that everything will be just ordinary, that is, my resume will be sent on time or as scheduled.  However, something extraordinary happened.  Aside from the fact that the resume was sent according to the courier's guidelines, it informed me through text messaging that the resume was received by the addressee.  Upon reading the confirmation text message, I felt satisfied, contented, confident and secured.  The feeling can be gleaned from the fact that I decided to make it a topic in this blog.  I was grateful for their effort such that they are worthy to be complemented of by making this post.

As the title says, the courier that is referred to in this post is LBC Express.  You cannot feel what I felt if you refuse to experience the services they are offerring just because their rates are higher compared to other private couriers.  What is significant is the satisfaction that you will receive from their services.

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